This is not Robert “Butch” Antonetti. Nor is this apparently the host of some TV show we’ve never seen. This is a chimpanzee. Holding a f**king banana.

Los Angeles, CA – A male pilot is suing his employer for reverse discrimination because they don’t correctly identify his gender. Robert “Butch” Antonetti, 39, who flies for Jetopia Charters based in Los Angeles, CA has named his employer and its female CEO, Ms. Stephanie Swallows in a reverse discrimination lawsuit filed today in Superior Court.

According to Antonetti; “Back on April 17, 2018 when Tammie Jo Shults landed Southwest Flight 1380 after one of the engines blew up and killed a passenger, the media gushed that she was one of the first female Navy fighter pilots.

In 2009 when Chesley Sullenberger landed that Airbus on the Hudson River and saved everyone, they didn’t mention that he was a male fighter pilot in the Air Force. The media just said he was a fighter pilot.”

Aviation Daily News has obtained a copy of the court filing in which Antonetti is demanding that his employer refer to him as a “male pilot” whenever he is introduced. In a stinging rebuke of the action, Ms. Swallows has warned Antonetti that unless he drops the lawsuit he will be known as a former male pilot.

This is a developing story and will be updated as new information becomes available.

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