AOPA Takes Math Test – Fails

All of us have sat through some mundane math class and heard the age old question: “What weighs more, 54 pounds of feathers or 41 pounds of rocks?”

Of course it’s a trick question, because in a vacuum everything weighs the same. Even my 6 year old niece knows that.

At any rate, we at Aviation Daily were all taking our bathroom break together this morning, sharing the latest edition of APOA Pilot, when we flipped to page 14. That’s when we saw this –

Uh… wow!! Can you say: FAKE NEWS?! I mean, it can’t possibly be true that only 4% of the aviation community are Cirrus drivers, right?

One of our other writers, a female who we basically just keep around to meet our diversity quota, looked at the graph after hearing my gasps and did what women annoyingly do – noticed details. Lame.

Going on about how something seemed off with its appearance, I realized something too, but I only realized it about 54%, which was enough because that’s almost 100% represented visually.

Reviewing their chart, it began to make sense. If only 4% own Cirrus and an additional 54% of the people fly 95% of the other planes and the other 41% are too old to understand the question then, what about the other 1%?

Since everything on it is true, we took to the internet to learn more. There, we found a lively discussion on the matter in AOPA Members, now called the “Aviators Lounge,” which we don’t acknowledge because it’s stupid.

Here is a graph of our findings –

AOPA, if you are reading this, we have openings in our intern department! We figure you might be looking soon.